Thank You for your Support

We are grateful for your support and continued interest FabNewport’s work. We are transforming lives across Rhode Island. “They are good skills to learn, vinyl printing, being able to code a robot and sew and use a 3D printer,” said a Newport middle school student yesterday. “If you were able […]

FabNewport = Opportunity

“Opportunity,” said Brandon without hesitation (here is the audio of our conversation). I was grinding on a grant application at Fox Point Library yesterday afternoon and pondering the question, “What is your best practice?” Why not ask one of our intelligent student leaders, Brandon, who just happened to be on […]

FabNewport: Much More than a Maker Space

Kevin first came to FabNewport three years ago as part of an after school program run in conjunction with the Thompson Middle School and the Community School. He developed his coding, sewing, design and machine skills. Last year Kevin attended all of our after school and summer programs for a […]

Making Lives @ MLK

By Chris Gross, FabNewport CEO (Chief Empathy Officer) Today @ the “Make Your Life” afterschool program at Martin Luther King Center the kids designed their own logo for the program. I wanted to get some of their ideas in order to create 1 logo to put on T-shirts. Below are some […]