Celebrating 10 Years!

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To celebrate our 10th anniversary FabNewport is thrilled to announce the launch of FABx, a Positive Future Vision campaign, and an expanded relationship with Education Reimagined to develop an equitable, youth centered network of learning in Rhode Island.

Last year alone, our model programs worked with about 65 community partners to serve a total of 636 diverse learners in 2022 as well as 45 more in our teen intern program. Nearly 6,400 Providence library users have accessed our Open Studio and more transactional MakerSpace programming that PVD YM developed and manage.

Unfortunately, not all learners have equal access to the out-of-school time programs that provide resources, opportunities, and relationships they need to realize their positive future visions. As you know, these experiences can be life-changing for our youth, but the lack of programming and limited access to funds and transportation can be significant barriers.

With FABx, we plan to connect with additional partners to support even more learners throughout Rhode Island! Our Positive Future Vision campaign, which we are inviting you and your youth to participate in, will help collect, curate, and communicate at least 500 PFVs to demonstrate to decision-makers the importance of investing more resources in programs that help young people thrive now and in the future.

Together, let’s make a difference and create a positive future for our youth.

Thank you for your partnership and collaboration over the years. We could not have arrived at our 10-year anniversary without the support of libraries, schools, community centers, clubs, art cneters, sailing senters, environmental organizations, nature centers, farms, nonprofit organizations, foundations, funders, dedicated staff and families, supporters, and most importantly, thousands of students. We look foward to celebratiing with you all year long!