What’s in it for me? How do I get involved?

Join the Fun

If you are interested in meeting good people from all walks of life who have fun, learn cool stuff, and go on adventures, FabNewport and/or PVD Young Makers might be for you. And if you are 14+ we will do our best to help you land a paid internship.

We know you have interesting ideas about what you want to do with their life and we are here to help you connect with the people and learning that can support you in bringing your Positive Future Vision to reality. If you would like come by for a visit please send an email to steve@fabnewport.org or text at (401) 439-0160.

With us, you can learn almost anything, and meet almost anyone.

What’s Your Positive Future Vision?

We are collecting as my Positive Future Visions as possible as part of our 10th Anniversay Campaign.

Our goal is to influence decision makers to invest in the opportunities, resources and programs that you, our young people, want.

Make your voice heard by clicking and here and leaving a voice recording. We need your ideas.