It takes empathy, authenticity and experience to help young people navigate the world. B-Unbound Supporting Adults can help answer the Why, the Who, and the How. Watch this animation to learn more, and consider becoming a Supportive Adult yourself!

WHAT IS B-Unbound?

B-Unbound connects youth to supportive adults who share their interests and builds a community of peers learning to navigate their way together.

Partnering with FabNewport and other trusted community-based organizations, B-Unbound trains advisors (Co-Navigators) who can guide youth Navigators in using the B-Unbound platform to find Supportive Adults who share their interests. In addition, the Navigator Community offers peer-to-peer engagement and inspiration.

As humans, we long for connection, exploration and doing what we love to do. We seek and are drawn to finding meaning in our lives and doing things that matter to ourselves and others. However, many of the current systems surrounding young people are more geared toward compliance, efficiency and regulation.

Built on over 25-years of research, experience, and success, B-Unbound operates as an expansion of Big Picture Learning’s extensive offerings supporting youth agency, interests, relationships and search for meaning. B-Unbound offers an opportunity to break down the walls which narrowly define human potential and instead create a truly open-source world in which the map of a young person’s future is expanded through their interests, the work they put in to get better, and their imagination.

B-Unbound is a collaboration of Big Picture Learning, an innovative education organization, and Straight Up Impact, a film company inspiring social change. and capitalizes on their 26-years of experience, research, and success.

“A conversation from one educator to another is how this journey began.  A discussion about the benefits of after school and summer opportunities for young adults and the community.” -Felicia P

Felicia Paige has been a middle school Mathematics Educator for the past 15 years with varied experience working with youth, families and the community.  She has joined B-Unbound and FabNewport + PVD YoungMakers to help better and change young lives.

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Adults (ages 25+) can support Navigators by volunteering as Supportive Adults – local or virtual individuals who share similar interests as the youth they are engaged with, and have real-world experiences to contribute.

Supportive Adult roles can vary widely when it comes to priorities, capabilities and time commitment. Whether you can spend a few hours a year or a few hours a month, you can make a difference in a young person’s life. Still not sure how to contribute? This document provides examples of engagement options, a brief description, planning consideration requirements, as well as suggested time commitments for guidance.

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