About 5pm in the lab on Thursday, when most of the kids were gone, I walked into the front room and was surprised to see Malani, 14, editing a graphic to apply on the shirt that she had brought with her. Malani had never been in the lab “after hours.”

“What are you doing?” I asked, curious to know what inspired her to take the initiative.

“I have a badge,” she said and reached into her pocket and pulled out the wooden token etched with vinyl cutter. She brandished her power, delighting in showing off the“proof” of her skills to use the machine independently.

This is exactly the kind of agency we hoped badging would instill in our students. More to come. We only just started awarding badges recently.

If  you’d like to hear a great conversation on badging I highly recommend listening to the No Such Podcast episode called, If Grades Were Hyperlinks.