Big news! Following five years of successfully running PVD Young Makers in which we served over 20,000 youth in the Providence public libraries, FabNewport has turned the programming over to the libraries. While this is bittersweet (we will miss PVD and its people), we succeeded in:

  • equipping the libraries with 21st Century tools 
  • training dozens of librarians
  • shifting the culture
  • running, and handing off, a transformative teen internship program

Going forward our primary focus will be on increasing engagement with our Newport County youth in ways that fit into our theory of change which includes building trust with youth through engaging experiences while developing relationships that begin when the youth are 10 and 11, allowing them them to stay connected until they are 18 or 19. The outcomes we have with kids who stay with us over the years are transformative. 

The challenge now is to put into place a system for gathering and communicating our impact through qualitative and quantitative data in ways that benefit the youth, their families, our partners, and our supporters. This is critical in order to secure the investments that will allow FabNewport’s learners to thrive and realize their positive future visions. 

We had an outstanding summer with our middle and high school youth exploring the nooks and crannies of Newport County and beyond. Our Summer showcase on August 17 was outstanding and included two live music performances. The video linked here gives you a flavor of the summer.

It was our second summer in which we served one hundred plus children. and feedback from families was positive.

“My child came home each day this week ecstatic and in a great mood! He couldn’t wait to tell me about the great day he had! So glad we chose FabNewport as a camp this summer! Keep up the great work!” Parent

“My daughter is so happy with this camp, the kids and the staff! Thank you all.” Parent

Fall programming looks strong with multiple offerings in the areas of coding, science, nature, art and design. Feel free to come on in and visit one of our programs and actions if you so choose.

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