Though Green Valley Country Club is every FabGolfers favorite sunny day spot, Orlando found ways to make FabGolf into year round fun for our students. FabGolfers had the pleasure of spending the colder days at Newport Indoor Golf, and also bringing in more aspects of FabNewport into the FabGolf program by building their own Putt Putt courses.

K’NEX: As last fall turned into winter, we couldn’t just keep going into the Newport Indoor Golf range. One team member, Brady, had an interest in roller coasters. We decided that it was a perfect opportunity for our students to showcase their budding engineering skills. Throughout the colder months, FabGolfers spent their free time building K’Nex roller coasters in FabNewort’s workshop.

Putt-Putt: As the K’Nex Amusement Park came to be a successful and workable reality, it was only natural that FabGolf’s team should be integrating our golf program and the roller coaster system as one. We created our own version of mini golf holes, with green courses ending in holes that, when the ball gets in, activates an electric current to animate the K’Nex structure.