What could an ecosystem of learners look like in Newport County?

In my moments of grandest delusion I imagine inquiring minds of all ages visiting our areas great institutions–IYRS, Newport Art Museum, the Breakers, Rogers High School Wood Shop, the YMCA, Salve Regina University–and saying, “I am here to learn. Will you guide the way?” Imagine a free flowing land of educational opportunity where organizations match the intensity of individuals’ eagerness to learn. It’s a dream I know, but my fire was kindled when a Mike Curren sent the link to an post by Katherine Prince, Learning Corridors, in which she points out the dangers and opportunities inherent in creating personalized learning.

The danger is students falling through the cracks. Traditionally more advantaged families are in position to take advantage of opportunities while challenged families are often less equipped to navigate the “system.” In Newport County we have multiple groups innovating and the potential to work together to support children in danger.

Can, and should, we do more to define and build an ecosystem of learners and doers?