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Design and Sewing

Design & Sewing 

Design and Sewing taught by Lauren McKinnon (Community Specialist) and Rachel Dewey (Deputy Director) runs in The Fab Lab Tuesday afternoons. With so much interest from our learners in design, fashion, and sewing we had the opportunity to break up the course into two age levels, middle and high school.

Starting with the basics of hand stitching, learners have already created embroidered bags and patches. Moving to the sewing machines, learners have learned the basics of threading and stitching making their own pillows and tote bags! Through the next half of the course, we will continue to develop stitching and machine skills and combine with some new fun: sublimation printing, vinyl, and stamp block carving and printing! 

This program will run again at the end of Spring 2023. If you have interest for your learner, please contact

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