FabNewport and the International School of Yacht Restoration (IYRS) are pleased to present four free workshops on 3D printing on July 17, 24 and August 7 and 14.  The workshops include 30-minute talks by industry experts and the opportunity to tinker with 3D printers. The free workshops run from 7p.m. to 10p.m. at IYRS, 449 Thames Street, Newport.


3D printing changes the way we look at the world said Justin Levinson (June 19, New York Times), a technology consultant in New York, who has been using 3-D printing for several years. “You start to think, ‘I can solve my own problems.’ ”

The talks cover capabilities, software, and mechanics. The final evening will showcase the summer’s prints.

Anna Kaziunas France, co-author of Getting Started with MakerBot and several forthcoming Maker Media publications on 3D printing, will give the opening talk, describing what hobbyists and small business can realistically expect from 3D printing.

Google Sketchup guru Matt Donley will talk on July 24 about taking advantage of free 3D design software available on the web. Matt is the author of MasterSketchup.com.

Matt Stoltz, is a maker/hacker and a software developer. He’s interested in embedded systems, 3D printing, mobile devices and anything else he can tinker with. Matt leads 3D PVD a monthly meeting for 3D printing enthusiasts hosted at AS220 as well as AS220’s weekly Open Hack nights. Matt recently led a group on building their own 3D printers based on a low cost kit that he designed.

FabNewport, a startup whose mission is community development through making, and IYRS, whose mission in part is encouraging making, craftsmanship, mastery, honest work and integrity, are partnering to grow the maker community in Newport as there are numerous opportunities for learning, employment and innovation on and off the waterfront.

IYRS currently has three accredited schools—Boatbuilding & Restoration; Marine Systems; Composites Technology–in Newport and Bristol. FabNewport is developing a full-scale fab lab in the Florence Gray Center in the north end of Newport, and funded by the van Beuren Charitable Foundation and the Rhode Island Foundation’s Newport County Fund.

FabNewport has one 3D printer and has run workshops in conjunction with the Met School for students and adults since last winter. IYRS has several 3D printers in its Newport and Bristol schools where they are used for prototyping.