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FabNewport Supporting Innovation at Libraries

RG designing his dream house
RG designing his dream house

Slate asks, “What Will Become of the Library?” Libraries will evolve and FabNewport is  excited to partner with Portsmouth, Middletown and Newport libraries to develop innovation studios. On the wings of a $25,000 grant from the Office of Library and Information Services FabNewport will train library staffers and run programs for young children this summer. Each library will receive a 3D printer, vinyl cutter and electronics. This presents a tremendous opportunity for folks of all ages to access powerful materials and get some support in their explorations.

FabNewport worked with elementary school children last week at the Boys and Girls Club. The kids were excited to design using Tinkercad and print. 3D prints take time and we couldn’t get to them all. Now children will be able to bring their .stl files to the local library and have at it.

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