Check this invitation out:

Dear Steve Heath,

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) invites you to participate in a Nation of Makers meeting on Wednesday, August 24, 2016. This gathering will bring together individuals who run, support, and/or are involved with makerspaces around the country.

Andrew Coy

Senior Advisor for Making

Office of Science and Technology Policy

Executive Office of the President | The White House

More than 200 of us from America’s four corners including Alaska and Hawaii assembled at the White House. Government officials pumped us up, appreciating our commitment and unique approaches, as Maker Spaces come in all shapes and sizes and generally are a response to community needs. Officials from the DLT, DOE and the Office of Science and Technology explained how some of their programs might support our work with ideas and funding.

Us “Makers” left enthused. Several with virtual groups forming via Slack and FB. Time will tell if we can galvanize resources and make a national impact. Most of us our stretched thin. Good news is representatives from three other RI spaces, AS220, Tinker Bristol, and Ocean State Maker Mill were present. We are working on creating a RI Maker Cluster to generate local interest as a collective.