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What does Collaboration & Partnership with FABx look like?

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What does Collaboration & Partnership with FABx look like?

Time, Treasure, and Talent

Given our commitment to expanding this program, FABx needs community support in the form of TIME (volunteers), TALENT (expertise/skills to teach our students), and TREASURE (financial contributions to cover the cost of more students). 

FabNewport seeks volunteers interested in supporting outings, guiding student learning, and having fun.

Time Commitment: Ideally, volunteers would be able to offer a minimum of two hours per week throughout the six-week program. This allows each volunteer time to build a relationship with students, which FabNewport sees as critical to successful youth development.
How to Get Involved: You can begin the conversation in one of two ways. At the top of our website’s homepage, you will find a link titled “Summer Program.” If you fill out the “TIME” form, our summer program community liaison, Chris Gross, will contact you. Or you can contact Chris directly at, or (860) 786-8446.

FabNewport’s immersive programing offers students physical, technical, and community experiences. We are looking for volunteers to share their talent and/or expertise with local students.

Physical Activities: We will offer activities common to the Newport area: swimming, sailing, surfing, golfing. We’re looking for people with talents in these areas or have other activities you’d like to share. 
Technical Activities: In addition to using FabNewport’s makerspace lab (coding, design, prototypes, sewing), we want to introduce students to other technical skills such as photography, pottery and plant nurseries. If you have skills in these or other technical areas you’d like to share, please contact us. 
Knowledge of Our Local Community: We are partnering with local parks, nature centers and museums to share local history, the natural world and environmental conservation. Maybe you have another area of local knowledge you’d like to share. If so, we’d love to hear from you.
How to Get Involved: Contact our summer program community liaison, Chris Gross, to contact you., or (860) 786-8446.

To make all this possible, FABx is raising the funds to cover the following costs: eleven full time staff members who make both FabNewport Programing possible, as well additional seasonal field staff we will need to hire to assist in our summer programing; the cost of transporting students to and from their activities (as most can’t afford their travel costs); and the equipment, materials and supplies we will need for our nearly three dozen unique sessions and workshops.

Here are three ways you can support our summer program:

➢  Student Scholarships: The cost of sending one student to our summer experience for a week is $250. Please consider supporting a student for a week, a few weeks, or a few days. 
➢  Student Food: Each day, FabNewport will provide our students with transportation to and from her/his activities, as well as lunch. The cost of food is $50 per student for the full six weeks.
➢  General Support: Or you can simply make a contribution that supports the six week summer experience as a whole.  

No matter what you are able to contribute, please know your support will help make it possible for underserved Rhode Island Learners to have he experiences in life every child deserves.

I have found that the best way to learn what truly brings you satisfaction and purpose is to try something completely outside of your normal comfort zone or experience. Sometimes you will succeed; other times you will fail miserably. The fact is – both are completely fine. The real failure is not having tried something new in the first place.”
William Wynne,

Fab Newport Board Member