Make a difference with your Time and Talent

How to Get Involved: You can begin the conversation by contacting Chris directly at chris@fabnewport.org or (860) 786-8446.

FabNewport seeks volunteers interested in supporting outings, guiding student learning, and having fun.

Time Commitment: Ideally, volunteers would be able to offer a minimum of two hours per week throughout the six-week program. This allows each volunteer time to build a relationship with students, which FabNewport sees as critical to successful youth development.

FabNewport’s immersive programing offers students physical, technical, and community experiences. We are looking for volunteers to share their talent and/or expertise with local students.

Physical Activities: We will offer activities common to the Newport area: swimming, sailing, surfing, golfing. We’re looking for people with talents in these areas or have other activities you’d like to share. 
Technical Activities: In addition to using FabNewport’s makerspace lab (coding, design, prototypes, sewing), we want to introduce students to other technical skills such as photography, pottery and plant nurseries. If you have skills in these or other technical areas you’d like to share, please contact us. 
Knowledge of Our Local Community: We are partnering with local parks, nature centers and museums to share local history, the natural world and environmental conservation. Maybe you have another area of local knowledge you’d like to share. If so, we’d love to hear from you.