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Industry Support is Key

FabNewport took four Met interns to KVH Friday. Brian Arthur, VP in Charge of Product Development was generous with his time.  We spoke with mechanical, software, and design engineers. Be passionate. Study what you love, was the message.

It is likely that local industry will need to take an increased interest in our youth if we want to educate all locals to be superstars.  Time’s cover story on six year high schools where students work closely with industry mentors makes a good case. And it’s not about the money as much as its about industry developing relationships with schools and students that break down the cultural divide between education and the reality of making a good living while contributing to society

FabNewport and the Met School are  committed to fostering relationship between youth and industry and professionals that transform lives and increase opportunities.

FabNewport/Met interns at KVH
FabNewport/Met interns at KVH





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