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Maker in Residence?

FabNewport building artbots at the Robot Block Party
FabNewport building artbots at the Robot Block Party
FabNewport is exploring the possibility of hosting Maker in Residence for the summer of 2015.

FabNewport Maker in Residence will have access to FabNewport’s Lab and Jamestown Arts Center facilities. The goal is to add panache to our emerging Maker Culture by:

working on projects in a public forum
running workshops
giving a few talks
supporting project development from community members

In general, this would be an exciting opportunity to pump energy into our community. In return, the Maker gets:

a place to live
a small stipend (yet to be determined)
access to FabNewport’s and its laser cutter, vinyl cutter, 3D printer and wood shop

This is a work in progress. We will work to make arrangements to suit the candidate. It might work out that we end up with one or two MIRs instead of one for a full 8 weeks. The MIR has the opportunity to generate revenue running classes and workshops, also.

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