Maker of the Week

Maker of the Week: YouTuber FlareJay @ FabNewport

Jordan shows off the new logo he designed for his YouTube persona “FlareJay” and talks about his aspirations as a vlogger.  Click here to subscribe to his channel

All Girls Wednesdays: A short video

Not everything we make is high-tech. Some students take great pleasure using their imagination to carve up boxes to bring ideas to life. This a brief clip from our Wednesday after school program fun in conjunction with Thompson Middle School, the Newport Community School and the Prince Charitable Trusts. Wednesday afternoon is all girls. I love the comment, “My favorite things about FabNewport is being with all of you.” FabNewport is very much about growing community and providing a space where youth build relationships with peers and mentors.


10/23/17 – Que-von, a member of our community training group funded by the Newport County Fund.

Folks from the community get 60 hours of training, learning how to use the lab for skill building and entrepreneurship.

10/16/17 – Here is 30-second video of David, 10, describing how he made his hammock.

Thanks to Sterling Dintersmith for her expertise and enthusiasm.