By Chris Gross, FabNewport CEO (Chief Empathy Officer)

Today @ the “Make Your Life” afterschool program at Martin Luther King Center the kids designed their own logo for the program. I wanted to get some of their ideas in order to create 1 logo to put on T-shirts. Below are some of the logos that I thought were really interesting and speak to our work.


The first thing I noticed (above picture) was the bottom right hand corner. To me, it looks like it is a teacher with an open mind, their “inner child” coming out and pouring water into somebodies container. I feel this is exactly what we do through our programs. We reach into ourselves, bring out our own passion for learning and encourage kids to enjoy what might just be the best times in their lives.

Above it, notice the object that group of students are working on. They are all in different places within the network, but are working together through a series of connections. Not to mention, they are all having fun while doing it.


Check out the dash robot (above) being the base of a tree that a couple kids are playing on. I notice that they are hanging from branches, something that might be seen as risky, while communicating with each other and wearing smiles. They are in their risk zone but finding confidence and comfort from social interaction and the freedom to play at their own pace.


What stands out to me is the big happy flower (above), growing from the water that comes from a water can that has a 3 on it. The flower is growing from love! Love is at the center of everything we do. It is the single most powerful force for hope and change. 

To conclude, I love my job. I love my team. I love where we are headed.