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Meet Felicia Paige

“A conversation from one educator to another is how this journey began.  A discussion about the benefits of after school and summer opportunities for young adults and the community.”

-Felicia P

Felicia Paige has truly enjoyed being a middle school Mathematics Educator for the past 15 years. She has varied experience working with youth, families and the community. She has a true passion for working with kids and inspiring young adults. Now being on board with two great organizations connecting B-Unbound to FabNewport + PVD YoungMakers, she’s looking forward to the opportunity to help better and change young lives.

What brought me here today started with a great conversation with a fellow educator 5 years ago while serving him a mostly seltzer cranberry & lime. He inspired me that day when he told me he had started a nonprofit working with youth in an after school program. I had shared with him how I want to start a program just like it in the future. A program where kids can not just get tutoring but also mentoring, life skills and hands-on experiences. Get involved in the arts, intramural sports, scientific discovery and bring the real world from imagination. Offer middle school and high school youth the opportunities they are not getting now but readily deserve. I ran into this educator again recently.

His name is Mr. Steve Heath, Founder of FabNewport. He asked me about how teaching was going. I told him I’m hanging in there, still working hard. I asked in return how things were going for him. He said things were good. The conversation was brief and left me wanting to know more.

The very next day, I went to check out the Fab Newport website.
I saw the program has great things happening both in Newport and Providence with PVD YoungMakers. I learned that the mission for FabNewport is to inspire the maker in all of us. I saw that youth are given opportunities to do different types of activities through creation, collaboration and connecting with the community both after school and summertime.

I immediately said to myself, I need to work with this program.  A few weeks later, I sought out an opportunity by attending an ecosystems community brunch event sponsored by FabNewport with a friend & pastor Glen Leverette. We listened feverishly as students and families gave testimonials about their great experiences within the program.

By using the opportunity to network, discover and grab a chance to talk more with Mr. Steve Heath, I am now working with FabNewport as a Super Connector + B-Unbound Co-Navigator.  B-Unbound connects youth to supportive adults who share their interests and builds a community of peers learning to navigate their way together.

Partnering with trusted community-based organizations, B-Unbound trains advisors (Co-Navigators) who can guide youth Navigators in using the B-Unbound platform to find Supportive Adults who share their interests. In addition, the Navigator Community offers peer-to-peer engagement and inspiration.

Now with two great organizations connecting, I have the opportunity to help better and change lives.

Felicia is an outgoing young woman grew up in Providence and enjoyed many out of school time programs and the accompanying mentor ship to propel her life, she's eager to connect our young people with the kind of opportunities she enjoyed. We are fortunate to have her on our team.  – Steve H.