Owen Cuseo

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing somebody develop a skill that you introduced to them to. – Owen C.

Owen Cuseo, who was born in Honolulu, Hawai’i and raised in Providence, Rhode Island, is a former astrophysics student turned educator. He went to the University of Maryland to study planetary astrophysics and is currently pursuing an organizational leadership and change degree at College Unbound.  Since discovering his passion for science education eight years ago he has worked alongside Nobel Prize winning physicists and developed educational video content for different areas of the sciences. Owen also facilitated after school STEAM programs with Brown University’s Space Engineering Team and founded his own urban astronomy tour business. These experiences instilled in him a great appreciation for hands-on student-centered learning and how to be a better teacher, allowing him to make a meaningful contribution to the community. 

Owen enjoys hiking, film making, and reading about prehistoric cultures.

It is imperative for us to learn from each one of our members. How would you describe your journey? 

My professional journey began in high school. While a student at the Met I’ve had the opportunity to intern at Brown University and MIT. There I created educational YouTube videos explaining the science concepts I have been learning at the University to other High School students and participated in high altitude weather balloon projects to collect upper atmospheric data and record 360° video footage of the Stratosphere with Brown Space Engineering. Using the skills and knowledge gained at these internships I founded an organization which hosted urban astronomy nights across Providence, Rhode Island. Just prior to working at FabNewport I was a cashier at Whole Foods where I developed a reputation for giving interesting food facts to every customer that came to my register.

What’s your connection with FabNewport? Based on our hands-on learning. How do you see yourself as a maker? 

I was born a maker. Growing up I would take things apart just so that I could try, and often fail, to put I have always been a tinkerer, as a child I would take apart my toys or old electronics (Putting it back together was another story!) because I was intensely curious about how and why things worked. As I got older I often helped my father with construction projects and familizared myself with the tools and equipment in his workshop. In addition to my physical creations I have also been deeply passionate about making engaging lessons to teach other young people about science.

What are you bringing to FabNewport? 

PVD Young Makers provides me with the opportunity to explore my artistic side while also giving me the satisfaction of educating and inspiring youths to engage in their innate desire to make and experiment with their surroundings.  Whenever I am asked about working with FabNewport and PVDYM my response is always “It’s the best job I’ve ever had!” 

What are you looking forward to and hope to see as the future of FabNewport? 

I am looking forward to cultivating new relationships and further developing my skills as and maker but as a learner, and educator as well. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing somebody develop a skill that you introduced to them too.