Meet the Interns for the 2017-2018 School Year

Ben Jarvis

Ben is a 17 year old Junior at the MET School – East Bay. He lives in Bristol, RI where he has been exposed to many valuable STEAM experiences from a young age. Over the last couple years, Ben has taken 2 3D Design & Prototyping classes focusing on everything from Analog Design to Fusion 360. He has also already earned 8 URI credits through taking the ACN/URI CS 101 & 106 Class at FabNewport in 2016. Leading up to his internship this summer, Ben worked as a counselor at FabNewport Summer Camps & completed the NUWC UTAP Summer Program. Ben Began his internship this September along with working as an C.S. Teacher for the After School Program at St. Philomena School.


Tech Ben Knows: Arduino, Rasberry Pi, Vinyl Cutter, Laser Cutter, 3D Scanner & Printer, 2D & 3D Design Software

Current Project: Arduino Powered GoKart

Dream Job: Programming Robotics

Ronnie Lacerda

Ronnie is a 14 year old Freshman at the MET School — East Bay. Currently our youngest intern, he stood out from his age group, showing unbridled creativity, ingenuity, and imagination. He began his relationship with FabNewport over the last three years, attending our Tech Summer Camps all three years! In addition, he took part in our First & Second Annual Maker Party by exhibiting his projects both years. Displaying an example of a hydraulic arm the first year, and a model of Master Chief’s Battle Rifle & Helmet, the next. He is currently enrolled in our ACN/FabNewport 3D Design & Prototyping Class, earning a certificate in Fusion 360, in addition to this Internship.

Tech Ronnie Knows: Vinyl Cutter, Laser Cutter, 3D Printer, 2D & 3D Design Software(Fusion 360), Custom wooden & cardboard model making.

Current Project: Designing Model of Russian GAZ-63A Military Truck out of cardboard. Then loading his designs into Fusion 360, and cutting out the panels with the laser cutter to make a Model Kit that can easily be purchased and assembled.

Dream Job: Set Design, Special Effects, fabrication.

Athena Viera –

Athena at the StateHouse for winning Newport Historical Society Essay Competition, Volunteers at Tiverton Animal Sanctuary, Sail Newport’s Sailing Program, Marine & Terrestrial Biology.

Current Project: Athena is currently using plans she found through analog historical research at the MIT Library to create the plans for a classic steam launch. Using 3D Design Software specifically geared toward boat making & design(Rhino & Delftship), Athena is manually plotting the ‘off-sets’ for her recreation using these historical plans. The final goal of her project is to use a combination of Traditional Analog & Modern Digital Design and Building techniques to create an accurate scale model of the traditional steam launch.

Nathan Guia –


Wyatt Waters –