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FabNewport is happy to be able to offer internship opportunities for students attending the MET School Providence or East Bay. Through our partnership with the MET, we offer several year long internship positions for exceptional students with a clear and stated interest in learning more about the processes and technology that we use at FabNewport.

At the beginning of each new school year, our FabNewport Staff Mentors interview prospective interns to discover students who would be a good match for the community, ethos, and technology learning pathways at FabNewport. Once we have identified the 2-5 students who will benefit most as interns for that school year, we then allow a period of exploration during which the new interns will be paired with their main Mentor & identify their plan of study.

We begin each Plan of Study by asking THREE Questions –

  • “How will the Student’s Internship benefit the Student?”
  • “How will the Student’s Internship benefit the community?”
  • “How will the Student’s Internship benefit FabNewport?”

Once paired with their Mentor, each intern will then complete a detailed plan for their Learning Pathway. This plan includes ideas for course of study, which technology & software to learn, goals, and ideas for their Final Mastery Level Project. Interns are also encouraged to identify supplementary Mentors who can guide them in areas outside the knowledge base of FabNewport.

Over the course of their Internship, traveling their Learning Pathway, and completing their Final Mastery Level Project, they will also learn how to operate the Lab’s other technology and use the techniques commonly used at FabNewport to complete custom orders for Donors or Payed Consignments. Through contributing a portion of their time while at FabNewport toward helping to complete these Custom Orders, Interns are able to repay the cost of their Maker education ‘in-kind’.

Click Here to Meet the Interns from the 2017-2018 School Year.

Benefits for Students

  • Build a relationship with an adult mentor
  • Learn the professional attitude that is necessary in today’s workplace
  • Learn and practice 21st century skills
  • Become engaged in his/her work and take ownership of that work
  • Understand the importance of education and develop long term goals

Student Responsibilities

  • Contribute to real work at the internship site
  • Take on a special project for the internship site
  • research an investigative question connected to their project work
  • Meet regularly with the mentor to report on progress and receive feedback
  • Reflect on work and learning in a journal
  • Inform mentor and advisor in case of lateness or absence

For more information on the MET Mentor Program visit the program home-page here.