Replicator 2 Printing Problems

Our Replicator 2 printed well out of the box two months ago; now not well. We’ve tried leveling the build plate, cleaning the motor, unloading and loading the filament, changing the filament. No go. Now I am searching the web looking for solutions and got a kick out of this […]

Matchmaking 101

FabNewport—A Platform for Community Development? “I want to be the matchmaker,” said Jim Reed, executive director of the Newport Housing Authority, at the February FabNewport community meeting. What exactly does match making mean? It means FabNewport will succeed if we build relationships across traditional community boundaries and link people with […]

The Art of the Start

I found it ironic and inspiring that I stumbled across The Art of the Start, the Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide for Anyone Starting Anything, buy Guy Kawasaki, while working on yet one more draft of a grant to the Rhode Island Foundation, asking for funding for a consultant to do discrete […]

AS220 Outing

Monday morning nine of us – four adults and five students – visited AS220. FabNewport volunteers Pierce Gafgen, John Collins and Peter Converse were pleased to see the space at AS220 to get ideas how he space at the Florence Gray Center might look. “I just needed to see it,” […]