AS220 Outing

Monday morning nine of us – four adults and five students – visited AS220. FabNewport volunteers Pierce Gafgen, John Collins and Peter Converse were pleased to see the space at AS220 to get ideas how he space at the Florence Gray Center might look. “I just needed to see it,” […]

Using an App to Promote and Raise Funds

If anyone has ideas on how to design an app to tell FabNewport’s story and help us raise funds please let  us know. Seems like and app would be a cool way for technology social venture to tell its story. Saw this article about designing a web app but I’m thinking […]

Strategic Planning Session – January 2

Eighteen people from five towns showed up in snowy conditions to put their 2-cents into what FabNewport needs to move forward: a marketing effort; business plan; a board of directors; programs;  and fundraising. Steve Heath, Met School and project manager, opened with presentation of progress to date. Then FabNewport volunteer, Karen […]