Suggestions for Future Teachers: Know your Options

A few thoughts for Sara and Amanda, two of my nieces, graduating in May and are interested in teaching. Talk to children. Talk to parents. Visit as many schools as you can. Find the school you would want to spend the next 13 years at if you were a kid […]

Ben: Maker at Heart

My name is Ben Jarvis. I am a MET student and FabNewport intern.  I am a maker at heart. FabNewport is more than just a makerspace, it is a center for community growth and youth empowerment. The executive director of FabNewport, and one of my mentors, Steve Heath, has a […]

Jaylen’s “Steam Powered” Profile Video Has Arrived

Jaylen’s “Steam Powered” Profile Video Jaylen, pictured above-right, is one of our most imaginative and dedicated makers. An aspiring Game Designer, Jaylen wants to make games that can help make people with disabilities lives better. Get to know Jaylen better by watching his Profile Video below.  –> Click this LINK […]

Make Something you Believe In

The last post was about the power of prompts, a prompt being a simple phrase or word play designed to inspire making. We witnessed the power Saturday at the Broadway Street Fest. “Make Something you Believe In,” was the prompt and more than 100 folks stopped by our setup outside […]