Ignite the Journey

At FabNewport and in Providence with PVD Young Makers we say we inspire youth to grow their skills and confidence do they can make their lives. I think we are moving in the right direction in developing a digital platform, the Apprentice Model of Learning, for youth to upload their experiences and […]

Why Make | Learn | Do ?

About 9-months-ago we changed our tagline from Dream. Design. Make. to Make | Learn | Do. Make | Learn | Do (MLD) speaks more clearly to the learning process and what we expect from our youth who fully engage in our programs. Make (ing) is the messy part of learning. The […]

Badging Inspires Agency

About 5pm in the lab on Thursday, when most of the kids were gone, I walked into the front room and was surprised to see Malani, 14, editing a graphic to apply on the shirt that she had brought with her. Malani had never been in the lab “after hours.” […]

Suggestions for Future Teachers: Know your Options

A few thoughts for Sara and Amanda, two of my nieces, graduating in May and are interested in teaching. Talk to children. Talk to parents. Visit as many schools as you can. Find the school you would want to spend the next 13 years at if you were a kid […]