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Our Background

The PVD Young Makers program was launched in 2017 with an investment of $425,000 from the office of Providence Mayor, Jorge Elorza. The program’s primary objective is to offer local youths unlimited access to cutting-edge digital tools, a supportive community, and foster Providence’s identity as a design-centric creative capital. The program operates free-of-cost and is available at all nine Providence Community Libraries and the Providence Public Library, providing studio time, workshops, and classes on a rolling schedule.

Mayor Elorza visiting PVD Young Makers at the Providence Public Library’s new Workshop.

The PVD Young Makers program is managed by FABx in partnership with the Community Libraries of Providence and Providence Public Library. Along with operating programs in the libraries, the program’s team, comprising educators, library staff, interns, and volunteers, collaborates with schools, recreational centers, and other community groups to offer equipment access and training. The program emphasizes coding, design, and fabrication to teach children how to create things. However, the primary goal is to motivate youngsters to build their skills and confidence, enabling them to craft their futures.

Our Philosophy

We view tools and technology as a means of empowering individuals. We inspire young people to discover their passions by creating a playful environment where they can experiment with materials, tinker and fiddle, and receive support from coaches. As a result of nurturing their passions, students discover their purpose and find ways to connect with their community meaningfully.

We recognize that learning is a gradual process, and hence, we emphasize building a reflective practice among our students. We instill personal qualities such as grit, creativity, and empathy to foster a sense of introspection in our students.

Our Practice

At PVD-Young Makers, we offer technical, artistic, and design skill development to learners of all ages. We aim to nurture personal attributes such as grit, self-control, empathy, problem-solving, and resilience, which are essential for success in life. Participants in our program can access maker tools, tutors, workshops, classes, and more at all nine Community Libraries of Providence branches and the Providence Public Library.

Each of our ten locations provides laptop computers, a range of powerful design and manufacturing software, a laser cutter/engraver, a 3D printer, a vinyl cutter and heat press, electronic components such as micro-controllers, breadboards, LED lights, sensors, MakeyMakey, and various hand and power tools. Additionally, our team of makers is always available to provide assistance and support to participants.

Our educational philosophy at PVD-Young Makers centers on the idea of Maker Centered Learning, which encourages hands-on exploration and creativity. If you have any questions about our program, please email us at pvdyoungmakers@gmail.com.