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We are disappointed to report that due to the complications of the COVID-19 pandemic we have decided to cancel our Skunkworks programming for summer 2020. We are grateful for your interest and hope to come back stronger in 2021.

-“Inspiring the maker in all of us.”-

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Prompt Winners

Lacie Brown, a 8th grader at Thompson Middle School

“I made a reversible face mask for my mom. I made it with 100% cotton fabric, elastic string, and my sewing machine. I wanted to be able to practice my sewing skills and keep my mom safe while she’s working at a nursing home.”

Aspen Pearson, 8th grader at Thompson Middle School


“This is a painting of the Marvel superhero Black Widow, which I did with acrylic paint. I made this because she is one of my favorite characters of all time because she is inspirational and a very strong female in popular media – which I love! Until recently, women usually played supporting roles – not hero’s or anything like most male characters. Girls deserve to have the same kind of role models in fiction that boys have.”

Jy-Tique Harris, a ‘19 Rogers alum

“This is ‘No Land Beyond.’ I made this with Spray Paint and Acrylic Matte paint. I made this because, in our minds, when we hear the word beautiful we think of one thing, and when we see beautiful we think of one word. Imagine we found one piece of land where we as people all decide to leave it untouched – no homes, no stores, no gardens – just Nature as far as the eye can see. Colorful sands, glowing Cactus flowers, a pink Moon, and a twinkling star in the middle of the day. When we sit on the tempur-pedic sands of beauty, in that little moment of Peace, we will together say ‘There is No Land Beyond this One’s Beauty’.”
We all must protect our ‘No Land Beyond.’

Gabby Brown, 9th grader at Rogers High School


“For my submission, I created a drawing of a multiracial fist under a rainbow that reads ‘Being different gives the world color.’ I chose to use this quote by Maya Angelou because it has always inspired me to take pride in the things that make me different. The multiracial fist, to me, represents the perfect symbol of the strength in diversity.”