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From Learners:

“Here I feel like I am listened to. You guys care about me. Mondays are better because of the Heart Club.”
Kaia 6th grade

“I can come here and talk about my day. If I am sad I can say that and you help me. I am here with my friends too and I get to talk to them and no one yells at me.”
Jalaya B. (2nd year heart club)

“Heart Club makes my next classes easier. When I leave here I am happy.”
Ameil (6th grade 1st year Heart Club)

“Heart Club is like an adventure. It’s always fun and I love it here.”
Johnnie, (6th grade, 1st year Heart Club)

“I love coming here. I get so sad if we don’t have school because I won’t have Heart Club”
Jada, (5th grade, 1st year Heart Club)

“Heart Club makes Mondays not a Monday anymore. I love coming here.”
Jalaya L (7th grade, 2nd year Heart Club)

“You guys are cool. You listen to me when no one else is. It’s fun here and I feel like the rest of my day goes better when I have Heart Club.”
Sophia (8th grade, 2nd year Heart Club)

“You remembered my birthday. You always ask me how my day is. I feel like you really want to know too. Heart Club helps me when I feel angry or upset.”
Malcolm (grade 8, 2nd year Heart Club)

From Parents:

“ From a parent’s perspective, you are a very trusted adult that really cares about these kids. I feel more at ease knowing JoJo has you in the building in a situation if needed. JoJo feels like you REALLY listen. He says you care. He likes that he can come in and talk about his day with someone he feels comfortable with. He said it’s also fun and he likes the snacks.”
Parent of J. Matoes (grade 6, 1st year Heart Club)

“Not everyone understands my daughter. How she really needs to be listened to when she is talking. Not everyone takes time to get to know her the way you have. She loves Heart Club. She never misses a Monday or a Friday in school because she knows you’re there lol.”
Parent of (I. Ladson 8th grade 2nd year Heart Club)

“My son really really loves the Heart Club. I can’t thank you enough for being there for him.”
Parent of B.Litchko (grade 7, 2nd year Heart Club)

From TMS Staff:

“The past 2 years Heart Club has offered a place for students to decompress within the school day!”
Taylor Rock, TMS Teacher

“The Heart’s club has provided students a safe place. You can see it in their faces and body language when they walk in and out of the club. Many of these students have struggled to make and maintain positive relationships and the Heart’s club has given them a place to do this. In Heart’s club they are learning to think about themselves and school positively.”
Nick V, Thompson Middle School Vice Principal

“Our goal at Thompson is to reduce recidivism, the ‘repeat offending’ and ‘reoffending’. A child who is suspended even once is much more likely to become alienated from school, drop out or enter the criminal justice system. Here is an article The Heart’s Club that comes to Thompson also helps to reduce the amount of times students are referred because it gives them a safe space to talk about their problems, learn soft skills on how to speak to each other and adults. I know those of us who work at Thompson appreciate any help they can give us.  Now the impact they have on the school population they see might be small to them (Ellen and Chris), and they also see students who are on track and are positive role models, but it is those percentage points they influence with the things we do at Thompson that can help a student stay out of trouble for a few periods or the day.  Any help we can get is always appreciated.” 
“Heart’s club also allows students a safe haven to discuss issues that influence preteens and teens they do not always feel comfortable discussing with their families and or teachers. For example, The Trevor Project educates us by letting us know that Black LGBTQ youth experience rates of depressed mood and suicidality similar to all LGBTQ youth.  Despite having similar rates of mental health disparities, Black LGBTQ youth are significantly less likely to receive professional care.  Heart’s club gives all students a place to feel safe, valued and loved. They meet in the principal’s office so students also know it is a place they can go to for other reasons than being in trouble.  Our teachers are always looking to help our students and this is one more place they can get more support. As we continue to refer our students to ISR and suspend, we must also try restorative justice to mediate and community building to shift away from a punitive discipline model. In the 2021-22 school year, Frank E. Thompson Middle used out-of-school suspension 37.2 times per 100 students with some subgroups being suspended more than others. After Covid, all schools across the US have felt the impact in the rise of student behaviors and we are all working on new and old strategies to correct, support and ensure our students are safe. Personally, I am thankful for Heart’s Club because it  helps our students with their social and emotional mental health.  Below are some articles  I have read that help support why Heart’s Club does the work they do.”
Xavier Barrios, Principal, Thompson Middle School