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NEX – The Newport Summer Experience

Newport Summer Experience!

What does your dream summer look like? Surfing and sailing? Swimming and bike riding? Learning more or about music and design? Want to learn how to play golf or spend time in the woods learning about animals? How about learning more about photography?

If so, consider joining NEX – The Newport Experience – a 6-week program where you choose three 2-week experiences. Each experience will have about eight students and be co-designed with students and professional educators.

Open to students in grades 6-8. July 11th – August 18th


Students choose three two-week sessions. Most sessions will be co-designed and run by “learning teams” consisting of:

  • a lead learner, one of FabNewport’s high school students;
  • educators with content expertise
  • a community partner, who will host the activity;
  • a Newport resident, who will serve as a support to the team
  • FabNewport staff, to help facilitate the team.