Support our Mission

FabNewport is a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Charitable Organization.

 You now have the option to make your donation a one time gift, or a recurring monthly payment to spread your gift throughout the year.

Recurring Monthly Gifts are a great way to support us because:

1. Smaller monthly gifts are easier on your wallet, and your memory! Just like your other monthly payments, your bank will automatically transfer your donation the same day each month. These smaller automatic donations are much easier than trying to remember to save for, and give, a larger donation once during the year.

2. Recurring Monthly Gifts are easier for FabNewport because we know what our base level of consistent support throughout the year will be; which help us to better plan our budget & make your gift go farther.

Money is not the only way to show your support!

FabNewport is happy to accept ‘in-kind’ donations of technology, resources, materials, supplies and most importantly… Your Skills, Your Knowledge, and Your Time!

A huge part of our Community Learning Model is the inclusion of mentors, professionals, and speakers from the local area and the STEAM field at large. If you are interesting in donating materials Your Time please feel free to contact us with your ideas.

From all of us at FabNewport, thank you again for all your continued support.