Alin Bennett

Board Member

Alin Bennett is Vice-President of Practice and Field Advancement at Education Reimagined; a national organization committed to ensuring learner-centered education is available to each and every child in the country, inclusive of race, background, and circumstance. Over the past twenty years he has served as an educator, school leader, and learner who is a staunch advocate for national school transformation and creating an equitable education system. Alin began his journey in education by supporting the curriculum work at the Skerton Community School in Lancaster, United Kingdom. It was during this time that Alin was first exposed to an open-walled, socially embedded learning environment. After returning home to Rhode Island, Alin began his work with The Met School and Big Picture Learning. Through his work with these two organizations, along with his current work, Alin continues to grow systems, structures, and practices that reflect an equitable, learner-centered world-view.