What is FabNewport?

What is a Fab Lab?


A fab lab is a small-scale community workshop where lab members use powerful technology and materials to make (almost) anything. The concept started at MIT and there are over 150 labs worldwide.

FabNewport provides Newport County residents with alternative pathways to science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) through mentoring and personalized education. We offer:

  • Classes and workshops for students during the school day
  • After school programs for middle & high school students
  • Evening workshops for older students & adults
  • Facility rentals for local companies and entrepreneurs

We work with ‘students’, both young and old, over extended periods of time teaching technical, artistic, and design skills while cultivating the personal attributes required for success in life. Grit, self control, empathy, problem solving, and resilience are attributes that will foster success in any pursuit. Users of Fab Newport have access to a computer lab, powerful design and manufacturing software, a 3D printer, laser cutter, vinyl cutter, electronic components, hand and power tools, and a team of people who are there to help. If you have any questions feel free to email steve@fabnewport.org.

General Overview – FabNewport is a Community Based Non-Profit Maker Space and Learning Studio. Founded by Steve Heath over 5 Years Ago, FabNewport is, as its suggests, a ‘FabLab’ or ‘Fabrication Lab’ serving Newport, Middletown and the Rhode Island at large. Located in the Florence Gray  Community Center in Newport’s North End, we seek to provide a collaborative learning space & foster an environment where creativity and imagination are encouraged. The equipment — computer controlled routers, laser cutters, vinyl cutters, 3D Scanners & Printers, sewing machines and more — will allow Newport County residents to make just about anything they want to. Currently we have three 3D printers, a 3D scanner, a laser cutter, a vinyl cutter, three sewing machines, an electronics station, and finally, a ‘Prototyping Cart’ which allows for a very low barrier of entry for Beginners/Novice Level FabNewport Badge Holders. FabNewport also collaborates with schools, libraries, community partners/mentors, businesses and individuals to create a network of like-minded organizations & individuals willing to share their knowledge and expertise in the STEAM fields with our students. We have also recently begun expanding our consulting work with Schools & Organizations who want to create their own version of a ‘FabLab/Maker Space’. September 17th, 2017 was the Grand Opening of the Barrington High School ‘iCreate Lab‘ which was created through a collaboration between Barrington High School, the Highlander Institute, and FabNewport.

Programs & Classes –

Currently, FabNewport is offering a number of programs/classes designed to teach a huge variety of STEAM related skills and fields depending on the age & interests of each student.

Daytime Classes – Wearables, Electronics, Makers Studio, Design

Afternoon & Evening Classes – 3D Design & Prototyping, URI/ACN CSC 101 & CSC 106, Future Lab

Open Studio – 

FabNewport also offers ‘Open Studio’ times throughout the week where community members can come in and ‘MAKE’ using our in house Tech & Equipment; independent of specific classes. These Open Studio times are located on the FabNewport.org site Calendar, or by clicking the ‘Register for Studio Time & Classes’ link here, or in the top menu at fabnewport.org.

MET School/FabNewport Intern Program –

Every school year, FabNewport participates in the MET School Mentor Program by accepting several MET School students as Interns for that year. Each student Intern is assigned a member of the FabNewport staff to be their Mentor. These Mentors are primarily assigned based upon the area of study the Intern will be focusing on. Currently, we have a total of 5 MET Interns who each spend 1-2 full school days a week learning & working in the lab alongside our staff. In return, our interns contribute their unique knowledge and skills to the lab, and add their equally unique personality to our growing Maker Community & Network.