Intro to FabNewport

Dear FabNewport Supporters,

Your support enabled FabNewport to impact more than 1,500 students, 100 educators and dozens of community partners. Our students ranged from K-12, from Woonsocket to Westerly to Newport County, our trained teachers from all corners of Rhode Island. Our student-centered, technology-rich practice is resonating. FabNewport’s emphasis on making as a skill, and making as a means to forging a future, makes sense.

Please consider a year-end contribution to FabNewport so we can begin 2017 on sound financial footing. With your support we plan to: establish a scholarship fund for our summer programs; add community hours on weekends and evenings; build out our school-based offerings to meet increasing technical and curricular demands; work with partners to develop a community-wide badging system emphasizing holistic education; upgrade the lab.

You can send your gift in to FabNewport at 1 York, Street, Newport, RI, 02840; or use the donate button on our website at the bottom of the screen to left.  We are grateful for whatever support you can do to help us fulfill our mission.


Steve Heath

FabNewport, Executive Director